A Day That Cant Forgot

assalamulaikum all!
today i think the best day ever in the uitm ( just until this day )
why i say it like that?
i never have this experience with my classmates,
nah , now u all know i maybe have the boring classmates with the old days right?

u all wrong!
i mean this is the best classmates ever in the UiTM only!

ok back to the point, today is the day that K.I ( Kemahiran Insaniah ) Programme,
at the first day, its a bit bored, because i onnly hear speech, but the speech are interesting too with video montaj, and another,
Thx Mr. Shamsul and Mr Khairuman!

but in the second day! (today)
wow! the best!
my classmates going crazy with debate, presentation, drama, and dialogue!

congratulation to you all!
you all are talented!

on this session, i respect 2 mates in my classroom,
to I , she is a talented person, she clearly speak what she want, she have many idea to hit us ! ( dammm)
to Amir / ALAM, he like the director, what he planned, its became box office! haha,

to another mates, ?
maybe you'll not show your talent yet, maybe someday, you can impress me again? (waaa)
me ?
haha im not talented, im weirdo ok,
a bit jealous to all my friends, thay have many that what i want, they talented!


and i? still weirdo,! haha
no la, i still searching myself,
for 18 years, i think i dont see what i could be..
a world class journalist?
forget it bebeh, it need an expert english!

p/s : i just try to write in english, because i want to be the expert english, (maybe)
dont worry all, i still can writing in malay in some post , dont worry ^^
 sorry for grammar spelling error,because i just started ^^

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